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Be A Mental Health Advocate - Ya Know

2019 Goals & Resolutions

Meditate! Yea right. Yes, it is proven to be good for your mental health, but if you are like me, my mental health won't actually allow me to meditate at this time. I try, I really do, because I want to be able to remove all thoughts from my mind and just be. Even if it is only for a short period of time. For me, I have to start out with only a few seconds, yup, seconds. 

As 2019 rolled in so did most us with our New Year Resolutions. These are great because it is important to have goals set for yourself. However, a lot of time we don't keep them for long and then we get down on ourselves for failing. To keep these goals (resolutions) we have to be realistic and start small. Don't expect to be a completely different you, if that is your goal, within a day. 

Of course, I set some for myself. Love more and meditate daily. Seems easy, but both of these can be very difficult for us. 

We tend to forget to love ourselves and the ones closest to us, aka our loved ones. The keyword f…


Broken. Yup that pretty much sums up how I feel right now. Defleeted, yes I know this isn't a real word but to be honest it should be. It is a great way to explain how I am feeling right now. A combination of defeated and deflated. That is me right now. 

I am that child's old balloon that used to be big and bright and floated around on the ceiling. Now I am forgotten because I am no longer fun. I sit on the floor being kicked around until I am lost under the bed. I am no longer bright or full, I am deflated, no longer able to float around and play. 

I am also the Broncos right now, (ugh come on guys) continuously defeated by the other teams. I know this is only temporary and I will rise up like the beautiful phoenix that I am and win again. Now the Broncos on the other hand, they better do this like ASAP, Sunday maybe. Hint hint guys.  

I know I haven't been writing as often lately and that is due to my mental state. As much as I am an advocate for speaking out and being prou…

In a Funk

Ugh is it Friday yet? I know it is only Tuesday but man. I have been in a funk lately, extremely anxious and more depressed than I have been in a while. My OCD has been up and down, I have had a lot of successes yet a lot of not so successful attempts to take control. 

I have recently found out that I have to be in an aircast (aka the boot) for 3-6 weeks. I have to wear it at all times, unless I am sitting down and not walking around or when I am sleeping. So most of the day, since I have ADHD and don't sit still for long. OMG, my OCD sky rocked immediately, because my thought went straight to having to wear it in public. Nope, no way! Well luckily my friend and her family are just as accident proned as I am, so they had a boot I could borrow. So now I have two boots, one for around my house and inside only, and one for public. Score! I still can't face that hurdle of wearing just one in public and then in my house. Even if I washed it each time I came inside I would still not …

Time to Relax

Summer has come and flown by and I haven't had a moment to relax. Well that is what it feels like when you have OCD with anxiety. Sadly even when I had the time to relax I can't, if you remember my post, The Pounding of My Heart. 

My hubby finally has some slow time at work and we are going to take some time off and go out of town. We have decided to go to Napa/Sonoma and San Francisco, CA to visit some friends out there. As much as traveling and staying in hotels makes my OCD spiral out of control from time to time, I truly need this time off and away. 

Lately I have been so busy, between my full-time job and working on the non-profit, Project Mental Health Freedom, I haven't had time for myself. I have slacked on "me time" every morning; because I sleep as late as I can before I start work, my sleep has been more than restless lately. I have only been having my "me time" maybe a couple times a week. I love my "me time" in the mornings too; thi…

Sad, Just Sad

Last night watching the news my heart broke. I mean the news is always sad anymore, there is hardly any "Good" news on the news these days. On top of the mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL we heard about a 9 year in Denver that took his own life over the weekend. 

How does this happen? What is wrong with our world? When I was 9 I was thinking about playing with friends, softball, and handing out with my family. Sure kids were mean back then, but they are even worse today with social media. Back in my day, LOL that is funny I sound like a grandma, anyway....we didn't have social media. It is a great thing, but however it can be used to hurt people. Kids and adults alike, will totally just say the worse things about people to them via social media. Just totally bash them and make them feel horrible; they have no filter and can't be stopped. They just say whatever they want and not think about the ramifications of what they say, and how it might effect the other people. T…